Monday, September 22, 2008

The Raysors in Sacramento

Jeff and I took a field trip to Sacramento today to get photos of the Raysors buried in the IOOF Cemetery on Riverside Dr in Sacramento. (The cemetery and Carl's house were both conveniently within 3 miles of both the church we go to in Sacto and Jimboy's Tacos.)

The three interred in this cemetery are Carl's first wife, Alice (who died of tuberculosis in 1925), and their two children, Frances and Carl Jr. (both of whom died of tubercular meningitis). It's a nice cemetery, well-maintained, with mature trees throughout. Alice is buried beneath a pine tree. The children are in an infants section. The headstones are made of cast cement, similar to many of the headstones we saw here. I'm not sure why these three are all buried in the IOOF cemetery. Frances, who was the first to die, is laid in a plot owned by a "Mrs Johnson." I have no information on who that is; none of Alice's sisters married a Johnson, so she is likely a family friend (Alice's family were long-time Sacramento residents). The IOOF did traditionally provide burial services for the indigent. Carl was not indigent, but perhaps money was tight, and a family friend offered a plot. (Or maybe he was an IOOF member at that time.) Carl is listed as the owner of the plots for Carl Jr and Alice. Another possibility for the choice of cemetery may be simply the proximity to Carl's home on W. St.

Carl's son, Carl Jr:
His wife, Alice:

His daughter, Frances Harriet Raysor:Frances' headstone is worn -- I'll take a rubbing the next time I visit.

Here's the home at 905 W St., where Carl and his family lived in Sacramento:

This is his listed address at least as early as 1916, up until Alice's death in 1925.

The house on W street is only a couple of blocks from the cemetery, and it parallels the freeway. It was probably a fairly nice house in its day.